Phyllis was thorough, careful and accurate in every detail. She continued to help us long after Escrow closed and this is just one example of her professionalism and dedication to her clients. We could not be more pleased.

Home purchased August 2017

My wife and I decided to purchase a vacation home in the desert area, and after studying reviews and interviewing a few local realtors by phone, we decided to select Phyllis as our realtor. The thing that impressed us the most about Phyllis is that she seemed to have a real sense of understanding  our objectives, i.e. price range, type of home, etc. When we asked to see homes, Phyllis was always able to get the appointments made and accommodate the fact that we had a 2+ hour drive to get to the desert. Better said...Phyllis never wasted our time. You could tell that Phyllis really enjoyed showing homes. She had a very good sense about matching our objectives and value. She was always honest about how she felt a potential home either matched, or didn't match our needs. There were many homes along the way that didn't quite match our needs, and Phyllis continued to help us until we finally found the home we wanted. When it came to the purchasing process, Phyllis' years of experience became obvious. When it came to finding the appropriate trades-person to help answer questions about the home, Phyllis always had a local contact. Whenever we had requests for additional information, we could count on Phyllis to provide an answer within 24 hours. The things that impressed us most about Phyllis are her gut instinct, patience, and responsiveness.

hank ortiz
Home purchased August 2016